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Specific EC's for engineering majors during COVID

What are some ideas of specific extracurricular activities (online programs, self-initiative projects, hobbies) that a student (I want to pursue an indstrial engineering major) can do during the quarantine to take full advantage of this time at home?

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industrial engineering

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A great skill for engineers is proficiency in CAD (computer-aided design) programs. This software allows you to make computer models of any structures you can imagine, along with providing virtual testing to see how your creations would hold up in the real world. Fusion 360 is the one I like to use, but there are many Autodesk programs to look through that allow for many different types of projects. I imagine that this would be a lot more convenient for people who are stuck at home during COVID because all you need is a computer. Even better, if you create and test a structure on Autodesk software, you could order materials and build it at home to see how virtual testing compares to real-life testing.

Some other ideas include: hosting a virtual event for kids to learn about industrial/general engineering or STEM, starting a blog or YouTube channel, contacting professors at local colleges to discuss their research, and making small-scale structures out of balsa wood to test their efficiency (check out the Boomilever, Towers, and Bridges events from Science Olympiad. Maybe you could host your own virtual competition!)

Good luck!

2 years ago

It depends on your current resources and what type of engineering but some broad ECs are Coursera/edX start a bog (make it about engineering or have an engineering section or potentially start making a robot and potentially code it. Id recommend the blog because its a long term project showcasing your dedication/commitment.


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