25 days ago
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Is there any way to review my essay for free from an expert?

My family's financial condition is not good. So, I can't pay to review my essay. I am trying the peer review option, but I think any expert could help me free of cost. It will be very much helpful for me. Again, I am apologizing for my bad condition.

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@JZahammirraah25 days ago

is there some sort of template that can help me write my college essay and help with doing college prompts

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Don't do this; write on your own.

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22 days ago

Actually, now you can!

When you try to submit your expert college essay review, it asks if you are in need of a free review due to difficult financial conditions, and if you can pass that then you'll get an expert review for free. Do consider that there are only a few spots for free reviews, so don't take advantage of it unless you really need it.

Hope that helps!

25 days ago

It might be hard to get an expert to review your essay for free, but there are a few things you could do for free.

1. Use spellcheck (but make sure it's correct)

2. Check punctuation

3. Read it out loud (several times)

4. Ask parents/friends/teachers for editing help

5. It sounds like you're already doing it, but use the peer essay review feature

I have heard this app is really helpful for editing (even though it costs about $20): https://hemingwayapp.com/

Good luck with your essays!


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