3 years ago
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How to write an academic paper? Requiriment for williams college

I am an international student from Brazil. Our academic papers are pretty different from American ones. How can I write an academic and creative paper?

Williams prompt:

"have the option of sharing an academic paper completed within the last year, ideally 3-5 pages in length. The paper does not need to be graded, and can be creative or analytical."

Do you have an example? A link? Any thoughts!

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3 years ago

In general when someone says an academic paper they are expecting a few things. Firstly the basics, that it is grammatically correct and uses formal language. When I think of an academic paper I think of maybe an essay written by a professor discussing a new research discovery or in your case maybe argumentative essay about something you learn in school like a book you are required to read. It says an essay completed within the last year so it seems they are expecting an essay you would of written as a school assignment.

I know you said your academic papers are different, not to mention i'm assuming it would be in portuguese but you could try picking your favorite and expanding on it. I know for my essays while they are academic they still don't usually reach more that 2 pages and a half so you could take your favorite and while rewriting it in English expand on it so it's longer.

I don't think I'm being much help but if you want I can go over the rest of the usual expectations for academic writing. Also welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your time here.

2 years ago[edited]

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