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When is my counsellor required to upload my predicted result? (Mid Year report/final report/along with my transcript)

"Students who have a national secondary exam such as the CBSE, and similar curriculum systems should ask their school to provide us (the respective college) with a prediction of their final exam results based on their current academic performance as well the results from an internal or mock exams taken up to that point in the academic year."

I got this reply for the query I mailed to the respective college.

I want to know where is my counsellor required to upload this predicted result transcript in common app?(like as mid year report or along with my transcript?) My counsellor do not have proper knowledge about it and neither do I. Please help


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3 years ago

Hi there @siviaanzal,

While exact deadlines may very per school, the mid-year report cannot be submitted until you have your finalized first semester grades for your senior year. Because high schools achieve this at different times, there is some wiggle room depending on when your semester ends and when grades are finalized.

To put yourself in the best position possible, your counselor should submit your mid-year report as soon as your first semester senior year grades are finalized.

As for the final report - that's usually submitted once you've gained acceptance to the school already is used more to cross-check your application for accuracy.

Because your predicted result still holds weight during the admissions process, it should be submitted before you receive a decision from the admissions committee. My understanding is that most colleges are aware that international curriculum applicants have a host of predicted scores that provide insight into their application. I believe you can upload these yourself in the standardized testing score section of your application portal, rather than your counselor uploading them on your behalf. You can also ask your counselor to explore their upload submission to see if they are also required to submit these grades.

Hope this helps!

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