2 years ago
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Should I retake the ACT?

In October, I took the ACT for the first time (I am a junior right now). I just got my ACT score back today:

Composite: 35

English: 35

Math: 33

Reading: 36

Science: 35

I am okay with my scores, except for Math. I'm worried that a 33 in Math will look bad on my application since I want to do a STEM major at a highly competitive school (i.e. Ivy League). I'm not that bad at math (I got a 5 on my AP Calc AB test) but on the ACT I didn't manage my time properly. Should I retake the entire test, retake just some sections, or stick with the score I have?

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2 years ago

I don't think you should be worried because they only care about your composite score. If 1 section was 30 or below then I'd retake it. I would only retake it if you had time to do that and it was not taking away precious time away from your essays or keeping your grades up.

BTW you can not just retake a section or two. This idea which ACT.org planned on rolling out was never launched. Perhaps they will have this option next year.

If you are planning to apply to MIT, Caltech, and other STEM focused colleges, then perhaps you'd want to up your Math score since their middle range is a 35-36.

Overall, you have really nothing to worry about, you will not get rejected for having a composite of 35 and if you do it will have to do with something else on your application.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Like Cameron said, since you have a 35 you still have a high chance of getting into an Ivy (considering you have a great GPA and strong extracurriculars) but you could retake the act if you’d really like.

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