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How do you find where you are rated as an essay reviewer?

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21 days ago

So they actually had this exact value shown before they updated the UI for the peer review essay, where you saw your total reviewer score on the bottom left of the "Submit" section, but now they removed it and you can only see when you got a 5 because you'll get a notification, and when you're good enough to be on the leaderboards. I'm bummed out too, but it is what it is.

Hope that clarifies it for you!

22 days ago

I get an email every time I get a rating. You also click the karma button (it looks like two arrows going in a rectangle with a number next to it) on the upper righthand part of the screen. Then click karma history. It will show that you get 10 points every time you get rated 5/5 after reviewing an essay.

22 days ago

You need to go to Essays -> Submit or Review -> scroll down and you will find Reviewer Leaderboard.

You can also choose whether you want to see rating for "all time", "1 week" or "1 month'.


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