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What do competitive colleges (T10s) look for in a high school transcript/course selection?

I'm currently a junior and I have been thinking of dropping a semester honors class. Is a WP on one's transcript enough to get rejected/not make it pass the first stage in the admissions process for competitive colleges? Also, is it worth dropping the class (and consequently, having a study hall in place of the class) to potentially raise GPA by a few points? Is GPA more important than the transcript?

Does being valedictorian matter/very important compared to strong ECs?


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2 years ago

While having a WP on your transcript may not be ideal, it likely will not have a significant negative impact on your admissions chances when considering your application as whole and it should not be the deciding factor between being rejected or accepted. Separately, being valedictorian certainly holds weight in your application, however, it's also important to note that admissions officers will likely want to see some sense of leadership outside of the classroom in your EC's.

As far as dropping the class, I would take into account how much your GPA would be impacted if you kept it vs dropped it, whether keeping it is causing strain on your other classes, etc. I'd suggest auditing your coursework and other responsibilities to determine if this is worth dropping or not.

Hope that helps!

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