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What SAT test to pick on UCAS


I took the SAT test in the U.S.A in 2020,

When I try and add that qualification onto my UCAS profile (I'm applying to unis in Europe) there are multiple SAT test options to choose from, the options are:

SAT Reasoning Test-USA

SAT (designed from 2016)

SAT - reasoning text (redesigned from 2016)

SAT Subject Test-USA

USA - SAT (redesigned from 2016)

USA-SAT Reasoning Test

USA-SAT Subject Test

I took the regular SAT test the same one everyone took but I don't know which of these I am supposed to pick, I think I should pick the USA - SAT (redesigned from 2016), but will they see what score I got on the reading and math section separately, or will they just see the overall score?

Thank you!


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21 days ago

I'm applying domestically and when I signed up I only had one option which I believe was the 2016 redesigned one. I don't know what to say besides ask one of your top choice schools. If your like me most of the schools you're applying to fall in the same range of schools so their policies will likely be similar. For example liberal arts schools usually have similar policies depending on how selective they are. If not you would just have to email a few different ones.

As for if they will see the scores of the different sections yes, they should as they are part of the standard test.

20 days ago

Hi @Korkin1, This does seem like the most accurate option, and I can't imagine why they wouldn't see the scores separately. If you're concerned, though, I would advise you to do exactly as @Melokenzie suggested below - namely, try contacting admissions at one or two of the schools to which you'll be applying and ask if you're going about the process correctly. Best of luck!


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