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Which colleges should I consider as target?

I'm Sophia from Pakistan.I needed some help with my college list as I'm confused as an international student.Not to boast,I'm the topper of my high school with class rank one.My grades are all A+ in all courses.GPA system doesn't work in my country rather it's the percentage that counts.So to say,mine was 98% in freshman and sophomore year,and 97% in junior year.My predicted SAT scores is 1550 though I'll take it this October.As for my extracurriculars, debate has been my passion since I was six,having won many nationwide competitions.I'm a valedictorian.Also I'm a member of Science Talent Farming Scheme Batch 4 where I've been selected from among 20k students on merit basis.I get merit-based scholarship and research facilities,top university visits under this scheme.My intended major for college is neuroscience and neurobiology.And I qualify for fee waivers.

Which colleges should I consider for sure as target,financial aid considered?Please guide.Thanks a lot.

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4 years ago

if you would be applying as an international student (so you're not a US citizen or permanent resident), there are only a couple of schools that are both need-blind (applying for financial aid doesn't lower your chances of admission) and offer to meet your full demonstrated need (they'll cover whatever they think you can't afford with regard to their costs). those schools are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Amherst College. you could still get need-based aid from other Ivies or similar schools like Northwestern or Johns Hopkins, but it would be harder for you to get in. those schools do not offer merit aid; to look at ones that would, you might want to consider schools like Boston University, Case Western Reserve University, and Northeastern University.

4 years ago

Hi Sophia! It's obvious you are an amazing, well-rounded student, with very good grades. As far as colleges go, Ivy Leagues are classified as top schools in the US and would look very good when applying to grad school/med school/jobs after college. However, these schools can be very pricy even with financial aid, and can be very hard to get into even with perfect grades like yours. These schools include Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and and Cornell. I would also suggest looking at the top colleges for your intended major, because this will mean a lot when talking about the actual education. Johns Hopkins University is well known for its programs dealing with the sciences, and is widely recognized as a respected college and hospital. Anyways, the college decision process is all up to you! Many things will go into choosing your top college, such as location, cost, and student environment. The best advice I can give to you is research! With grades like yours, any college is within reach. I wish you the best of luck with your process.

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