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Study Buddies?

Okay so recently I met a person who is studying one of the languages I am also studying. We are both interested in being study buddies, except we don't know how they work haha! Neither of us have had one before, so I wanted to ask if anyone knows what exactly study buddies do? Especially in learning a language. I'm thinking we spend some time talking in the language but I'm not sure of what else to do:(

Thanks so much in advance!


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2 months ago

Basically, a study buddy is just someone you study with. You practice vocab together (Quizlet is great for that), your buddy is the first person you turn to for help, you study for presentations and exams (physically like in a library or at one of your houses or a remote call like Zoom depending on if you're nearby), you work together on difficult homework problems, etc, etc. There's no strict definition of what a "study buddy" is, it's literally just people studying together. You can also have more people in the study group, meaning more input and help when needed.

Hope that helps!


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