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Today my application to Auburn was deferred

I have a 4.2 GPA and an ACT that is in the range of acceptance requirements from last year. They have not requested letters of recommendation or a resume of my accomplishments, awards, or recognitions. Anyone else in this situation? What does anyone suggest doing at this point? Does anyone know the percentage of deferred applications getting accepted?

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My application only consisted of GPA and Test scores. No resume, no review of honors/recognitions/activities, etc. No recommendation letters are accepted for review.

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2 months ago

In no particular order.

1. Auburn as well as most colleges does not publish a deferred to RD acceptance rate. At this point, it would be a guess.

2. Since you were deferred, there are only a few things you can do if they apply.

a. Update Auburn with your grades from Fall Semester when they come available.

b. Update Auburn with new test scores if you have taken the ACT or SAT over.

c. Get another academic recommendation from the school counselor or admin. or a different teacher to advocate for you.

3. In your letter, there is probably given you a deadline of Feb something for the additional information.

4. All the other things you already did like your ECs, Essays, Short Answer questions can NOT be modified so there really isn't a good reason to attempt to change or modify those. They are locked and loaded for RD.

Deferrals are not like waitlists so it just means that you are going to be judged one more time with a slightly weaker set of applicants in the general RD pool.

Good luck.

2 months ago

Hi there @Tator2022,

We have a blog post for deferred students - it's a comprehensive guide to all the steps you can take to optimize your application at this step in your admissions journey. Give it a read and please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



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