16 days ago
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Can anyone proofread my essay?

Be as brutal as you want, you will not hurt my feelings. And THANK YOU!



I posted my essay on peer review but even after fast pass I have not gotten a response for over a month now.

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16 days ago

Hi there @extra7g5,

I'm sorry you didn't get a response yet! Feel free to submit to one of the live profile reviews on our Livestreams page, where an expert will review your essay on air for free. Elias is hosting one this Monday and I'm hosting one on Wednesday.

You can also try resubmitting to Peer Review or submitting to our Expert Essay Review - it's not free but our Topic Check (instead of a Full Review) is a more cost-friendly option and we have a guaranteed return rate of less than 48 hours (though it's usually much faster, ~4 hours).

Other free options we provide are our blog posts, which have in-depth guides to writing in general and writing to a specific school prompt. We also have livestreams on essays that occur every week.

Hope this helps and best of luck!


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