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Pass/Fail Choice

My Junior daughter has the option to select Pass for courses due to online learning this spring. My question is this - if she is going to receive a C or C- in a class is she better off selecting Pass rather than taking the hit to her GPA with the C or C-? Will colleges question the choice for Pass?

Thanks so much!

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• a year ago

What are her grades like in general? If she's generally a high-achieving student and is aiming for very competitive colleges—as in her unweighted GPA is something like a 3.6 or above—I think it would be a good idea to go Pass/Fail for that course. I think colleges are going to be relatively understanding with regard to grades this semester considering all the disruptions, and a C or C- could put a big dent into her GPA if it's generally pretty high otherwise.

• a year ago

I understand it as colleges are really understanding of the current situations I might email your daughters top schools and ask their opinion but I would recommend uniformity in either picking all Pass/Fails or using the actual gpa impactful scale whether that's numbers or letter grades. But if your daughter has all As except the one C or her GPA this semester is an improvement over the cumulative GPA of her freshman and sophomore year I would chose her GPA impactful grade.

Hope this helps!


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