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I’m currently a senior and my goal is to go to Drexel. I applied early action but I’m really worried about getting in because it’s my top choice. My junior year I did really bad because of the pandemic and ended with a 3.1 GPA. The year before I had a 3.7 and I have several extracurriculars and even this year I have almost all A’s. I’m just really worried about my acceptance chances and wondering if I had a good chance.

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13 days ago

Hi! I just first wanted to start off by saying that many students have been negatively impacted by the pandemic in terms of their grades. Colleges understand that college admissions for this year will come with many students who have had to deal with their own fair share of problems due to the pandemic. Your drop in gpa will not be a huge determinant in your acceptance to your college. Since you also had a trend of almost A's before the pandemic along with many EC's, college will understand how the pandemic truly affected you. However, you have to make them know how it affected you. Just make sure to describe the impacts COVID-19 had on you in a way where the college admissions can put themselves in your shoes and understand why your grades and gpa dropped. This can be explained in the newly added common app section that allows you to add additional information about how the pandemic affected you. Hope this helps!

11 days ago

Hi @rwilp,

A lot of people are in the same boat as you - so much so that we have an article about it. There's advice for seniors like you, and recent changes and exceptions you might not be aware of that are COVID-driven that we've also outlined in that blog post.

12 days ago

3.1 gpa during the pandemic should not be a problem as long as you are able to explain it in an essay. If colleges see an upword trend you are good.


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