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How does my AP evaluate as rigor?

So if I remember correctly my school is one of 3 IB schools in my state however I’m not an IB student with no plans to be one. My school offers just around 40 AP classes and I plan to take just over 10 AP semesters out of 28 semester classes assuming I take all semester my senior year. I will have also taken 2 semesters of civil engineering no college credit possible with an intro 1 semester class to engineering. As a future Civil Engineer major one of my long reach school is sub 20% admit rate that looks at my school in context. How would my rigor be?

Also I plan on having a year long honors Spanish class my senior year.

For reference I have a 3.89 weighted 3.84 unweighted gpa after 3 semester pending update and with all As this semester it is rising.

Note just below half of my AP classes are in history/social studies but the rest are STEM ap classes and this Fall is my junior year.


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4 years ago

I think as long as you take all of the STEM APs offered and excel in them, you'll be fine for the most part. I'm not an admissions officer so I can't say for sure, but I think that it could be seen as odd that you didn't take advantage of the IB program. This could be concerning if a lot of students from your school also apply to the same school with more rigorous coursework. Again, I'm no expert. The best you can do is continue taking APs and doing well. I don't think colleges will knock you too much for that.

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