19 days ago
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How do I bring my gpa up to a 0.56 to a 3.00

Im in 10th grade

@BorisS18 days ago

How does one get 0.56 gpa?

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Accepted Answer
19 days ago

U gotta get a 3.4-3.5 each year

19 days ago

I'm not sure what the previous answer used to calculate their answer, but assuming your school grades by semesters and your current GPA is based on two semesters, even getting a 4.0 for the next four semesters would only bring you up to a 2.85. You would only be able to get it up to a 3.0 if you continue to get 4.0s through senior year, but that would end up being after applying for colleges (assuming you do so at the beginning of 12th grade). Good luck.


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