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Honors/Awards or National Recognition for Business/Photography

Hi! what are some awards or honors to apply for that are focused on business or photography for high school students? (I’m a Junior)

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13 days ago

(I am assuming you're in high school. Keep that in mind when reading my answers.)

For photography, maybe enter competitions. Some examples would be:

- Photographic Society of America Youth Showcase

- iPhone Photography Awards

- National Geographic Student Photo Contest

-Congressional Art Competition

Also check out the national young arts foundation.

Maybe try to do local things, as well. For example, display artwork at a local restaurant/store if you can. Also post you artwork to some social media and direct colleges to look at it.

As for business, I don't know much, but maybe check out this link:


If you're up for it, also take a class or two at a local college in one of these topics just to show you're dedicated to the topics.

Best of luck!


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