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Is this a wise idea?

So I’m more or less a part of my religious youth group where I am a office assistant during religious school 2x a week I am on my youth groups student board which also plans a big annual carnival that is led and planned by the youth group. There also is an orgainazation that has seasonal regional events that I started to regularly attend last year (none in summer). As such I have that pseudo one EC or possibly 2 take up 4 total slots. Is that wise?

I have 9 total ECs and the last one I’m in the application process for as I’m now a rising junior


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2 years ago

If you want the EC to count and be a big part of your EC section (that's what I understood from your question) on your application, you should show that it is a new initiative. Basically, if you hold a leadership position in the EC or if you originally started an EC that takes up a BIG part of your ECs in general. As long as you're making progress and advancing the EC, admission officers will look to that and not how many ECs take up your application space because the rest might be regular meetings that you attended where you didn't accomplish anything significant. I hope this helps!


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