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Any tips on applying to the University of Michigan as an out of state applicant?

I am a Junior and wish to apply to the University of Michigan at Anne Arbor, but I am out of state (Oklahoma). Do you have any tips on the application process?


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• 2 years ago

Hi! So the process of applying for out-of-state students really isn’t really any different than applying for in-state students; the school may just be a little more selective, so aim for test scores and grades a bit higher than what you might see in general averages. Make sure that your supplement essays are detailed and clear on why you specifically want to attend UMich, since again it may be a bit more competitive for out-of-state students.

The only real difference though will be the cost—since it’s a lot more expensive for out-of-state students and you’ll be less likely to receive financial aid. I would say to make sure you have a plan for that, whether that’s your family being able to afford the full cost or putting together different sources of financial aid.


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