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What schools are best to study Law?

I have a few schools on my list, but I don't know which schools are best to major in law. Please help!!! Thanks in advance :)

Also, write below what your dream school is 🤍🎓

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2 years ago[edited]

@Emmah929 It's great you are interested in becoming an attorney and going to Law School. I hope you are aware that you CAN NOT major in law as an undergraduate student. The best you can do is attend a very good college which will prepare you for taking the LSATs and during your junior year of college you should take those so you know where you stand in comparison to other LSAT takers and refine your Law School application list.

There are some fine colleges that have what is called a 3/3 BS/JD degree which allow you to apply to their law school as a junior and attend their law school after you complete junior year for 3 years which is typical of Law Schools. These are difficult to get into just like getting in to BS/MD program has low admit rates. Some schools like my college Columbia University and U Penn market a 3/3 program however it's a bit misleading because you can not apply out of high school. You can only apply after you have successfully matriculated in their schools. There is a cap of exactly 2 students that can enter this program so that is like a drop in the bucket since there are 250-400 admits at these schools, so less than 1% get admitted compared to like 15%-18% straight after completely undergrad.

My advise to you is to just to get into the college that you feel is the best fit for you and thrive in that experience. If you still want to apply to law school, after 2nd years, start LSAT prepping by buying the Official College Board LSAT prep book and you can also subscribe to various online LSAT prep courses. You will want to get a target score of 160-173 if you want to attend a Top 40 Law School.


Lastly, there are no required majors to apply to law school. It doesn't matter if you are history major or a political science major or an English major. One thing that many high school students are not aware of is that most successful law school applicants have taken either 1 or 2 years off as a gap year prior to applying to top Law Schools. At Harvard 82% have taken 1 year off, and 63% are 2 years out of college. Some applicant do independent academic research, some work and some teach. What I am saying is that Top schools value applicants that have more experience in the world to bring to the table prior to starting law school.


Good luck with your future.

2 years ago

According to several articles, the top five law schools in the United States of America is Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law school, University of Chicago Law School, and Columbia Law School (in that order). These are very competitive colleges so you will have to be the best of the best to go to these schools.

My dream school is Massachusetts institute of technology so I can study theoretical physics or astrophysics.

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