14 days ago
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will military experience look good on my college applications?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if joining military looked good for colleges? (Since I'm planning on enlisting)

I want to apply to these colleges

University of Alabama


Clemson (first choice)

3.8 GPA

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2 answers

14 days ago

When you say you are enlisting, what does that mean?

Does that mean you are enlisting into the military first, then applying to college?

Does that mean you are signing up for ROTC at these schools and then enlisting in the military after you complete your degree and ROTC training?

Are you a high school student that has done ROTC training in your high school?

If you explain your situation better and ask a specific question, myself and other CV members can weigh in and give you a answer. Right now we can't.

14 days ago

Yeah of course! Anything outside of school is good for college, it shows you're dedicated, interested, pursue those interests, etc. I don't see how a military experience could make chances worse.


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