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Advanced classes w/o AP availability

One of my biggest drawbacks from applications and acceptance statistics lay within the fact that I don’t have many AP or honor classes available - I attend a medium sized school with limited AP classes (ex. AP World History, AP Calculus); really just some fundamentals. And I don’t feel as these are enough, how would one be able to attain access to a higher curriculum without changing districts?

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If your school has limited AP classes, colleges won't hold it against you. Make sure to still take as many honors and AP classes as possible at your school. If you feel a need to challenge yourself academically outside of your high school, several top tier colleges (like Stanford, Harvard, Brown, etc.) have free online courses that anyone can take. Additionally, several community colleges allow high school students to take a limited amount of courses. You could also ask a professor at a local university if you could intern with them. Hope these ideas help :)


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