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Hello, guys! I'd like to ask you a honest opinion about where should I applicate. Not exactly a single uni, but a kind of profile of it. Example: Top unis, very good, good. So, let's go:

I'm Brazilian;

3.5 GPA unweighted (I can make it 3.6 perhaps);

Bronze Medal in the Brazilian Investment Banking Olympiad, over 4000 brazilians I make It top 1%;

Currently, I'm a volunteer in the Olympiad team;

For now, that's It. Thanks!

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3 years ago

Here are the factors I used to pick where to apply.

1. location: do you prefer a cold or sunny warm place? close to the beach or land locked?

2. type of college: private or public, large or on the smaller side, liberal arts or a state school, etc.

3. What majors and minors they offer. Pick ones that have a lot of ones in similar fields of study to what you think you want to major in. Using myself as an example I like psychology, some similar majors would be sociology, criminology, social work, neuroscience.

4. extra things you would like but aren't a deal breaker. Using myself again it was important the schools I picked offered study abroad and have a few foreign language minors. You can also see if they have any unique programs that interest you like internships at a big company in the field you want to work in or lots of research opportunities.

I think with your GPA you would have good chances are semi-selective and selective schools depending on if you do well on the SAT or similar tests and have good recommendation letters and essays. I don't know what grade your in but you seem to already have a strong profile.

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Thanks dude! I'll use these/those (still don't know how to use very well lol) ideas to choose the school. Also, i'm planning to study something like Finance/Economics.

3 years ago

Cool! I used also a site college confidential to make my school list. I don't know if it's still the same but there are a lot of sites that have a filter option for you you find schools you like. You can Google it and find one you like.


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