3 years ago
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Please help me in making decisions for 11th

I'm currently in 10th and studying an Indian syllabus(ICSE).I'm planning to apply to top/prestigious universities abroad.I'm a top student in my current syllabus (but my school is mainly focussed on academics and nothing else).

Should I move to another school with:

IB-Will I be able to handle it?


CBSE(an Indian syllabus but that's not as good as ICSE)

OR A levels/Cambridge

I'm afraid it'll be hard to adjust to a new environment especially at this stage in high school but I'll have to do it.I'm a sensitive introvert who doesn't socialise well.

Also if anyone's from Hyderabad, can you please suggest good schools(My parents are thinking Oakridge)?

I'm thinking of pursuing something like Nutrition ,psychology (Or science/biology for undergrad and then Nutrition for postgrad).My second choice would be something related to business


EDIT-Please send recommendations for good schools for A Levels in Hyderabad(extra helpful if you know someone from there or someone who moved there for the last 2 years of high school from another school).Please share the experience and send help!

Recommendations for all schools are welcome not necessarily Cambridge.If you are/know someone who got into goo universities abroad from that school or someone who moved there for the last 2 years of high school from another school please share your experience and send help!

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3 years ago

Go for whatever you feel like will help you the most with your education. If you think it will be good for you and worth it just do it. I think that anyone can handle anything if they try their best so give it a shot.

3 years ago

Hi there @a_a_a,

This is a really hard decision. If there's a school you're gravitating towards more, I'd definitely choose that one - you're more likely to do well (both grade and mental health-wise) at a school that you actually enjoy attending. That being said, IB is the ideal curriculum for studying abroad because of the standardization across countries, but you can take additional exams if you're applying to a school abroad from a high school that doesn't have an IB curriculum.

Hope this helps and good luck with your decision!

3 years ago

I understand that you want to go to the high top schools but it isn't always about the school you go into a lot of people I know have gone into those schools and dropped out because they realized that they didn't like the atmosphere and they weren't getting the support they needed in their classes. So I think if that's really what you want to do that's great and I believe you can do it but just keep in mind that being a top school doesn't always mean your gonna like going there.

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