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Is it a bad idea to mention my other college essays in my last college essay?

I'm applying to the University of California system. In it, we have to write four "PIQs," which stand for personal insight questions. In my last PIQ (Option #7), I'm thinking about alluding to the past PIQs that I've written. This would only be a sentence or two, and if my essays were read in order, I think it would tie in with my last topic really well.

Is this a bad idea? Will the admissions officers read the PIQs in order?

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7 days ago

Hi @Nuloo! Great question. It would be best to consider all possible scenarios in this situation and your purpose for including the allusion. Would the essay still make sense if the essays were split up amongst different admission officers and read by different people, or is the order crucial to fully appreciate it? Are you adding it because you think it would make up for parts of your essay that were weaker, or because you want to make you stand out from other applicants? Ultimately, your answers to these questions will show you if it's a good idea or not. Good luck on your application!

7 days ago

I think that's a perfectly fine thing to do. Just don't overstate the connections.


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