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I need to write an essay about 2 of my activities, can I write about two very opposing activities?

For UBC, the prompt is "Tell us more about ONE or TWO activities listed above that are most important to you. Please explain the role you played and what you learned in the process. You will be asked for a reference who can speak to your response. (maximum 2100 characters)"

I want to write about a leader of my improv club (I've written a past essay on this and how it taught me to lead by example) and being a leader in a local mayoral campaign (i wrote an essay in the past on how i learned how to take knowledge I learned in the past and apply it to new jobs, to better serve my community). They're very different but both very important to me. What should I do? My other option is to replace one of the activities withe being a leader in my schools Earth Corps, which is less impactful to me and I learned less from.

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3 years ago

I think that you should only choose one activity to write about. You only have 2100 characters, which is about 350-450 words. I don't think that you will able to go into enough depth if you mention two activities.

Since both being a leader of the improv club and being a leader in a local mayoral campaign are important to you, I would recommend choosing the activity that fits better into your overall "theme". For example, if you want to major in theater, I would choose improv. If you want to major in poly sci, I would do the campaign. I think that either activity could work well for this prompt.

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