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I am an International student. I am currently a junior. My school teachers have never written letters of recommendation before. On top of that, my current and old teachers do not know me well. My school kept changing the school's faculty throughout the 2 years. What do I do in this situation? Should an average letter of recommendation be fine if I explain my situation in college applications?


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5 days ago

If your teachers haven't written letters of recommendation before, you could help them out by filling out this template


which will give them info they can put in your letter.

Also, this template helped me ask my teachers for letters, it may be helpful in your situation.


5 days ago

Even if you don't know your teachers well as long as you pick ones from classes you do well in they should be able to write a good letter. Even when we know our teachers well here we usually will fill out a form with information to give them for the letters. The info it asks is things like did you have any challenges during school like problems in your family, being sick for a long time, and things like that. It also asks what extracurriculars you do.

As for them not knowing what they are you could explain it to them when you ask, or find a good article about it and sent it to them.

5 days ago

I think that would be okay. You might want to make sure that your teachers know what to expect. Also having your teachers not know you super well could look bad on a resume but if they do a good job it will be fine.


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