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What GPA do UC schools display on their student profiles?


Often times colleges will report a student profile of admitted students.

Example: https://www.ucdavis.edu/admissions/undergraduate/statistics/

I'm particularly interested in the UC schools for this question, since they seem to use 10-11th grade GPAs with only 8 AP points added. (Is this correct?)

My question is: For the "weighted" GPA profiles provided, do they use a traditional 9th-11th grade weighted GPA, the 10th-11th full weighted GPA, or the 10th-11th capped GPA? (Or something else?) I can't seem to get much of a straight answer out of anybody for this, so if anyone has some insight it would be much appreciated.

For me, my 9-11th weighted will be a 4.0, my 10th-11th weighted will be a 4.14, and the 10th-11th capped will be a 3.93. So there's clearly a big difference for finding schools that would be a good fit here.


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2 years ago

The UC schools calculates their own GPA based on the rigor of the courses you take and your grades from 9-11 grade when you submit an application. I would guess they do this because high schools around the nation have different ways of calculating GPA and they needed a way to compare students to one another. I don't know specifically how this process works, but you can find more information on how they calculate the GPA probably online. I found that attending a virtual information session (specifically I attended one from UCSD and one from StriveScan on all UC schools), which has helped me understand the process a little more.

2 years ago

@Wonton is correct; the UC's calculate their own GPA (or, more correctly, they'll ask you to calculate a specific version of your GPA) based on your raw grades in specific classes. In the past, they've asked for you to calculate a "UC GPA" based on specific courses (e.g. only academic courses, so no gym or sports or music ensembles that get grades) out of 10th and 11th grade courses. You should check the general UC admissions website for more accurate instructions.

As a sidenote though, there really isn't a practical difference between a 4.1, a 4.0, and a 3.9. When schools look at GPAs, they put them in buckets so to speak—say 4.0-3.7, 3.6-3.4, 3.3-3.0, that kind of thing. The difference you're mentioning at the end of their post doesn't actually indicate a big difference in the schools that would be a good fit for you, admissions-wise.

2 years ago

You can also just google contact insert UC school and just say

How does school calculate the GPA when I apply.

I know from reading quite a few articles not specifically UC schools however most use cumulative so from 9th/freshman to junior

Wonton has good point when he said look into the admission procress and strivescan is a great resourse look them up on youtube

personally the best formula for unwieghted and wieghted gpa is

So I have 7 classes this semester and I got 29 points got an A in AP only ap class

Each class is 5 credit hours

So I have 29 times 5 and you then divide classes times credit hours.

This is easily adaptable becuase i took a half semster course then transferred to new HS and i still got credit for that.


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