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About my result on 9th and 10 grade transcript

Basically, I had to transfer to my school after giving my board exam in 10th grade, which is considered the same level as the O level, and then I had to reapply again and transfer to another school. But in my previous school, they didn't have my results database. Now they want a made-up 9th and 10th-grade transcript according to them, but not from the actual results of the exams I took for my 9th and 10th-grade transcript. Now, they want to give me a made-up result, which will be provided officially. Would it be problematic if I gave the 9th and 10th-grade transcripts to my counselor from my recent school and submitted them? I'm not being dishonest here


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a month ago

Hi @sahinkhan,

As long is everything is legitimate and your counselor can submit your prior grades while mentioning they're from a different school, you should be fine! Just work together to make sure the information you submit is as accurate as possible.

Hope this helps!


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