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Will dropping IB DP look bad?

I'm currently a junior in the IB diploma program, and I'm planning on dropping the program this upcoming second semester. I'm dropping not because of this rigor (though it is hard) but because what is being taught personally does not align with my views. I plan on doing AP classes. My grades are pretty good (A's, 4.0 GPA) but will dropping the program look bad to colleges?

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2 months ago

I mean I don't see why it wouldn't look bad, it looks to the AO like you're skimping on work, but I think you can explain in the additional info section on your application next year why you decided to quit, not because you were lazy. I am wondering what views you have that don't align, if you would be able to share that. I don't assume that the IBDP curriculum is teaching racist or sexist issues so hmm. If you can replace all those IB with AP, I guess that could work, but dropping IB would definitely raise an eyebrow.

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