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What are you supposed to do if your school has no ap or honor classes

I attend a Nigerian high school that doesn't offer any additional classes

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3 years ago

Hi @Ivangelanga, this is a great question!

Rest assured, colleges and universities always do their research on the school from which they receive applicants. When you apply, college admissions officers will likely already know some information about your school. Additionally, your school counselor, who submits your high school transcript to colleges/universities on your behalf, will also submit a School Report or School Profile, which will contain a lot of valuable information and context on your high school and the opportunities provided to you there.

Regardless of whether you are able to take AP or Honors classes at your current school, what's most important is to challenge yourself given the opportunities of your current school environment. If your school doesn't offer AP/Honors classes, then just challenge yourself academically however you can and take the most rigorous sorts of classes available. Colleges understand that there are different academic standards and offerings around the world, and most important to them is to see that you've challenged yourself in the context of your current school environment.

I hope this helps, and good luck—you've got this!

3 years ago

Typically a college will look at the classes offered at your school through a school report that is often sent in by your counselor. The report will mention the types of classes offered and the difficulty of the classes. This will help schools determine how competitive of a student you are according to your classmates. I hope this helps :)

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