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What were your estimates?

To people who got accepted to Harvard, Cornell, good schools, etc. what were your estimates on Collegevine for your schools?


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2 months ago[edited]

I had a 37-48 for the school I got into which was a top 3 Ivy.

Ranges for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia were all about equal

Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, UPenn were like 40-50

MIT and Caltech were in the 40-45.

Except for Swarthmore 35/45, the other top liberal arts colleges like Williams/Amherst/Pomona were like 40/50

Hamilton was 55/65, Vassar and Colgate were like 70/75 and

Hopefully that is what you are asking correct?

2 months ago

This article does a good job breaking down past performance of CollegeVine chancing estimates: https://blog.collegevine.com/is-collegevine-chancing-accurate/


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