2 months ago
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what are some well renowned extracurriculars for computer science

im a high school junior and im having trouble finding a tech related extracurricular to add to my college resume for a competitive computer science major, im looking for something online or in the seattle area... Thanks


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2 months ago

Freelance work is usually a good one. I believe there are websites where you can upload your resume and help others build website etc.

You can also look into competitions. USACO (usaco.org) can be considered one of the best contests for cs students, and if you want to get into a really competitive cs college, you should definitely try it out (and its free and online!)

There are school ones like joining a computer club etc. You can also try to make your own club, and if your school doesn't have a competitive coding club and you like competitive coding, you can make one with https://joincpi.org/clubs (this is an organization that can help you make competitive coding clubs).

a month ago

Hi @SageFuture87991! Here are some links to helpful blog posts on our website:

- Computer science internships: https://blog.collegevine.com/computer-science-internships-for-high-school-students/ + also check out the high school internship program at Microsoft

- Ideas for extracurriculars: https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-to-consider-if-you-plan-to-study-computer-science/ & https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-aspiring-computer-science-majors/

Hope that helps!


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