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Cinematic Arts personal statement

Hello, I'm an international student applying for USC as a Film & TV Production major. I'm supposed to write a personal statement about who I am as an individual, and how my experiences have shaped me into a future filmmaker. However, I feel as though my personal essay from the Common App is fairly similar to this, and was wondering if anyone knew if I could take my personal essay and change it up a bit for the Cinematic Arts personal statement. Thanks!


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2 months ago

USC is a great school for that major!

As long as you aren't applying to USC on the common app, I think that you could take your personal statement and modify it to fit the prompt. Make sure you switch it up enough that it really fits the prompt and looks like it was designed for that question. College AOs are good at telling when an applicant is lazy and just copying something.

If you ARE applying on the Common App, definitely don't do this. Each essay should be a chance for you to share a different side of yourself. Colleges hate it when they have to read through multiple essays that basically say the same thing.


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