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Regarding a Summer class

I have taken an online course during my summer break(by the University of Helsinki-Finland), and I got 2 ECTS(European credits). Will I be able to add these credits to my application(in the college coursework section)? Will the universities consider this?

Thank you

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a month ago

Hi @Prima279,

You should be able to add university courses to your application - be sure that you get a transcript from the university as well to send along with your high school transcript. If you secure the relevant documentation, the universities should be able to review and consider this accomplishment.

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

Hi @Prima279! You will only be able to mention this course in the coursework section of the Common App if you received high school credit for it (as a dual enrollment class). I think a better place to mention this summer class is in the description of an activity that is related to the topic of the online course you took. For example, if the online course you took was engineering related, maybe mention the course in the description of another engineering-based activity that you did to show admissions officers that you are challenging yourself to learn more outside of the conventional classroom setting.

Hope that helps!

2 months ago

They will consider online courses as your self-motivation to learn more. Credits do not matter, but the fact that you took some classes in the summer does.


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