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I've been reading and responding to posts from some students who say they are going to be 15 when they graduate from high school. That seems really young to me. I thought most high school seniors are 18 at the time of graduation. Can you do our community a favor and reply to the survey because I think we all want to know how old our fellow college applicants are out of curiosity. Thank you and good luck during this admissions cycle!

I'll be 18-19 when I graduate High School
I'll be 17 when I graduate High School
I'll be 16 when I graduate High School
I'll be 14-15 when I graduate High School
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Some of those 17-year-old graduates might just have summer birthdays, too. I'll graduate at 17 without having ever skipped a grade simply because my birthday is after the school year ends....just saying bc it shows that not all 35% of the repliers are early graduates. All of you who were thinking you're not smart because so many people are graduating early, don't worry, more people are on the normal high school track than this might make it seem....although props to those who really are early graduates! I'm sure it took a lot of effort and dedication!


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Wow, that's pretty young to be graduating high school. However, I suppose it could be possible if they were extremely ahead in academics, or just working themselves to death, or both, though age 16, but really 17 is more reasonable for early graduation. I'll definitely be 18 when I graduate. I wonder how the people who graduate that early manage to do it, wouldn't that be almost impossible with school schedules? The schools they go to would also have to offer higher level classes, or I would think. Hm, interesting.


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Hm. They may graduate early, it is rare, but it is possible, if they've taken most of their regents and SAT in middle school and freshman year. I know a few friends in my school who graduated when she was a sophomore. (which I don't recommend because it can take away your childhood)


2 months ago

I am graduating at 15 and applying to college at 14. The reason for this is covid. Since I could not participate in many activities(nor did I know about them or realize ECs were important), I decided to take 8 credits for my freshman year. I already had enough credits to skip Freshman year from middle school and only need two more to skip Sophomore year, so I did. I had also skipped 4th grade, which led to a total of three skipped years, high stats, and terrible ECs. If I had a do-over, I would skip one year because I already had the credits to, take more AP courses, more honors, and build up my ECs. Alas, it is impossible so I am stuck :/.

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You are never stuck as I wrote a long reply to you previously. You can always apply to any of the top boarding schools and do a PG year like I am doing. All of them have excellent financial aid if you require that as between 30-50% of all cohorts are on some financial aid. Plus you are not held to repeating any courses. You can take college level classes that are actually harder than APs and IBs and some have over 300 courses in their catalog with an average class size of 6-9. It will be a softer landing than trying to fit in at a college at age 15 which will be super hard.


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