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Hi. I posted this question during tonight UC event (thank you for having such a great event). But hoping someone can answer. I took a class that was 1/2 year long. I took it first semester. When I enter the class on the form class, and try to select CR for the grade, CR is not an option. If I look at second semester column for that course, CR is an option. I am afraid to select CR because it look like a took more courses 2nd semester and was very light in my studies first semester. Do you know how can I see/select CR for this first semester course????

I hope you will answer. THANK YOU!!!!!

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I believe that you just select "Pass" on the transcript, as it is essentially the same thing. I have several courses that are listed as CR on my transcript, but only Pass was a choice on a transcript. Don't know why, but they both mean that you took that class and were able to receive credit for it (because you passed)

Hope this helps :)


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