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I am currently a junior and enrolled in the Magnet math and science program for my school, which forces my schedule a bit so I am unable to take some APs or extra courses because I need to fill my high school requirements as well take the Magnet courses. Does this program look good for college if I am only 1 of 18 in my grade that is accepted into it or should I switch out for more APs?


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2 months ago

Okay, I (a senior) had a similar issue. I attend a magnet school that kills you with IB courses in 11th and 12th, but offers no higher level courses 9th and 10th.

The best answer is to talk to your guidance counselor about how it will show up in the school report or his letter when you apply. Does he include the fact that it limits the courses you can take? Does he include the number of kids in the programme (that it was competitive)? Things like that. With that information, you can decide whether the way it is framed makes the loss of AP opportunity worth it.

The second best answer, I think, is to consider why you enrolled in the programme in the first place. Do you have a passion for math and science? Are there unique opportunities afforded to students in this programme? If it simply restricts your schedule to certain classes, I would consider whether you could mimic this on your own. If it affords you other benefits, I would discuss opportunities to take AP courses during the summer or online (possibly not available, but it is something I did during HS).

Ultimately, whether your programme looks good to colleges will come down to how your counselor communicates its rigor.

Feel free to reply with follow-up questions. Hope this helps!

a month ago

I am no college administrator but that honestly sounds so cool! 1 in 18 is really really good (in my opinion) - especially since you have a focus in math and science. AP classes are becoming more and more available and more people across the country are taking the same AP course (like AP Gov for example) which doesn’t make them stand out. But 1 in 18 kids in accepted into a special Magnet school program? That definitely seems like college-worthy stuff. In short, no I don’t think you should switch out.

Whatever you chose, good luck! :)


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