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Should I report my SAT, ACT, or both to colleges?

I'm a rising senior and I was lucky enough to be able to take both the SAT and ACT before COVID. I scored 1540 on the SAT (780 math, 760 R&W) and 32 on the ACT. I was registered for the July ACT before COVID (but that test date could possibly be canceled) and I will be taking the SAT again in the fall because my school provides the test for free (rescheduled from the April test date). Is it better for me to send/self-report both scores or just my SAT? I don't want my chances of being accepted to be lowered by my ACT score, and I don't think my ACT score will end up being better than my SAT score. I have a 4.12 W, 4.0 UW GPA, with 7 APs by the time I graduate, and strong extracurriculars. I want to study either mechanical or aerospace engineering and I plan to apply to Duke, UMich, Northeastern, Northwestern, UIUC, Georgia Tech, Purdue, University of Wisconsin, and Michigan State.

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@parenta4 years ago

You should be fine with just the SAT - that is a great score. The ACT is good as well, but not necessary to report both. Also you do not need to take the SAT again.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@ajdekon4 years ago

I wouldn't take the SAT again if my school didn't require it, but I have to because the school has to provide a free test for all students.

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4 years ago

Submit the SAT score. A 32 on the ACT roughly corresponds to an SAT score in the low-1400s, so a 1540 is significantly better than a 32. A 1540 should be enough to get you attention at all of the schools you're mentioning, though if you're taking the SAT again, there's no harm in trying to raise it to the 1550+ range.

4 years ago

I would personally just submit my SAT score. You almost got a perfect score. You’re more lucky than me because I did not get to take my SAT before COVID-19 but even if I did I doubt that I would have gotten a 1540 like you. Congratulations. Would you mind sharing how you studied and got such a great score?

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