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Should I go to UF (University of Florida) or UCF (University of Central Florida) ?

I’m a junior in high school and just found out about this site. I don’t know how accurate it is in truthfully telling my chances to get into a college but for now to be honest It’s pretty useful and I like it so far. As I was looking on this site I’ve found a section that compares annual salaries for graduates in my major from the schools on my list. Recently I’ve been pretty locked on attending the University of Florida as when I did some research it was ranked the #1 school in Florida for Computer Science so of course I want to go to the best school I can. But when I compared the salaries of the University of Florida to the other schools, the University of Central Florida had a better salary, not by much though. Collegevine said that Computer Science graduates from the University of Florida usually have a $68,869 salary while graduates from the University of Central Florida have a salary of $70,348. I know there’s not much of a difference as they are just barely $2000 away from each other but it kinda surprised me that the #1 ranked school for my major is actually has the 2nd highest paying salary in Florida. With that being said my question is if I get accepted into both colleges should I attend UF because they are #1 in Computer Science for Florida or should I attend UCF because graduates from there make a higher pay salary?

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You should definitely attend UF if those are your only considerations. Remember, this is the "median average salary", so it's not how your salary is going to look like. Your salary will be based on you and seeing that there is only a 2k difference between the two schools just further proves that the main determiner of your salary for after college will be you, not your college. Since UF is #1 in Computer Science, you should definitely attend this school instead if you are hesitating for UCF for their +2k increase in median average salary. Your salary will likely not be the median average salary, it can be even way higher depending on your skills, amount of experience, and connections you have made. Hope this helps!

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