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How much does self-publishing a book matter? Is it actually the popularity/sales of the book that really counts?

While I was looking at how extracurriculars were ranked, I was really surprised to see that self-publishing a book was really high up on the list. Does the act of self-publishing really matter or is the popularity/sales of the book really what counts? I like to write and the prospect of self-publishing a book would be fun and all, but does popularity/sales matter more than the actual self-publishing? I'm asking this question because I'm thinking of writing this genre but the usual place to self-publish is usually Amazon and I've noticed this genre isn't really popular there. Though I would like to self-publish anyways, I might do another story of a popular genre instead.

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@Seandurr3 years ago

I don't think I can speak for books, but I could compare it to how they treat Youtubers. If they made a channel and it has no shown grown, maybe like only a handful of subscribers that have watched each video, they won't put too much importance on their "Youtuber" status. In the case your book doesn't have many sales, you gain learning experience from what you can do in the future, and that's fun.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Tiffani3 years ago

True, I guess the act of self-publishing doesn't really matter for EC's worth. Thanks for answering!

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3 years ago

As sean said its more the lessons you have learned from it except if you become semi-famous and then that's a huge boost. Ill admit an essay of how you went through the publishing process would make a great essay especially if you detail your motivation etc.

a month ago[edited]

Of course it's very important, there's nothing to discuss. The popularity of book sales is everything! Take for example "the bloody chamber", used https://freebooksummary.com/category/the-bloody-chamber for this. It was also very popular at the start of sales. And now remains at the top. Here's a living example. The statistics speak for themselves.

a year ago

Thank you! I have also was interested in book publishing.


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