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Hello. I am a CBSE student from India. I am currently a high school senior. This year CBSE has divided the academic session into two terms (Term 1 and Term 2). Many of the US colleges asked to submit the Mid-year report whenever available. But, we did not have any Mid-year examinations, and we are at the end of Term 1. We had Periodic Test 1, Periodic Test 2, Pre semester 1, and Pre semester 2. What should I ask my counselor to submit as a Mid-year report?

NOTE: Periodic Tests are tests conducted after every two lessons, and Pre-semester 1,2 are tests conducted for the whole syllabus of term 1.

Term 1 results are not available till April. The results of both terms 1 and 2 will be available together.

I hope someone can answer my question!


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Hi @Haneesha,

A mid-year report contains any academic scoring or grades (or predicted grades/test scores) since the last submission. To my knowledge, there isn't a standard (unless your college has specific requests) and it will vary per applicant depending on location and school.

Hope this helps!


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