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I'm soon going to start IB diploma and I would like to have some opinion and advice on the subject selection please

I'm about to start 11th grade in IB and our school offers the following subjects: English (lang+lit), Physics, Biology, Math AI, Spanish, Italian, Economics, and History. I aspire to be an economics major at Harvard or any Ivy league institute or Oxford University. I plan on taking Economics, Maths AI, and English for Higher-Level and Physics, Italian and Spanish, or History for Standard-level.

However, I'm not sure whether taking English instead of Physics for higher level is a good idea? I didn't select Physics for higher level because I'm not headed towards the science stream. If you think taking Physics for higher-level is a better choice please let me know.

Overall, does this selection show my interests and make me a competitive applicant? ( putting the scores aside ). I'm open to suggestions for picking another subject instead of the other ones that I've chosen. Thank you! :)

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Hey! I want to start by saying that I'm glad you chose the IB diploma. As you know, the IB is one of the most competitive High school curriculums in the world, so being part of the Ib already makes you a very competitive applicant!

I recommend looking at Harvards (or any colleges) IB page and see which subjects they "prefer" and which ones they actually give credit for.

just search "Harvard IB requirements/credit" and a page would pop up.

Your courses should be based on what you want to study and since you mentioned you want to major in economics I believe choosing HL Physics is better. Also, college admissions want to see that you are taking the hardest classes and HL physics is better than HL English lang&lit.

looking at the possible courses you will take I feel like you're in a pretty good shape!

I'm also an IB student, I hope I was able to help and if you need any advice please feel free to reach out.

a month ago

Hi, thank you for asking your question! In general, aside from just IB courses, selecting courses that reflect your academic interests and align with the major-of-interest for undergrad is a good thing. For more information on the benefits of the IB program, I would suggest checking out this blog post.


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