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I am really interested in majoring in Political Science or Criminal Justice. I live in a really small area so we don't have many opportunities to get involved in those fields. I was wondering if anybody could introduce me to online opportunities to explore these fields more? And how to get involved with the presidential campaign as well?


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if you live in a pretty small area, rather than getting involved with the presidential campaign, i'd suggest checking with your local state representatives or state senators (not the national ones—the ones that specifically work in your state's legislature) to see if you could intern or volunteer for them. or, if you're not politically in step with them, check with their opponents' campaigns and see if you can volunteer for them. it will be much easier to establish contact with them and they're more likely to return your calls than a national campaign, and if you actually do get to volunteer, you'll likely get to do much more significant stuff than just knock on a few doors for a presidential candidate.

a year ago

So first of all the easist to do might be a Pol Sci Blog or be a "political" reporter in your school newspaper it could just be

Mayor X passed a bill allocating funds to Blank Road project and that will help improve traffic or you could have full blown opinion pieces on national politics but be mindful of how political you are in the synopsis on your position in regards to college admission. I use google sites for my blog it takes a day to get used to it. The big drawback is its not super flexible with font and template colors but you get free hosting and domain though it is sites.google.com/view/nidhiblog or something similar.

Or I have a friend who is phone banking essentially telemarketing for political campaigns or you walk door to door and hang leaflets on the door. If you are a freshman or sophomore you ca for the 2022 races volunteer at a campaign office and be a general helper. Additionally for Criminal Justice try seeing if your school has any sort of speech/debate club or Mock Trial/UN. If you have any family friends who are lawyers you might be able to get an unpaid internship or you can write a blog with opinions on landmark supreme court cases or something similar.

Just be mindful that you aren't way too political as you never know the stance of the college admission officer. It is totally fine to say I volunteered with Bob Johnson Senate campaign Democratic candidate from State. But don't say I wrote a pro abortion pamplet. I hope you get the gist of what I am saying and good luck!


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