3 years ago
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What should I put for course level for my Calculus III class when it is weighted as an AP class on my GPA?

In the current or most recent courses section in the education section on common app, I'm not sure what level to put for my calculus III class. It is weighted the same as an AP class on my GPA, but it's not technically an AP. It's not an honors or regulars course either. Should I put the course level as advanced, college prep, or accelerated instead? Or would it be okay to say that it is an AP level?

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3 years ago

I wouldn’t put it as an AP since that is associated with CollegeBoard and usually an exam at the end of the year. But if it is weighted differently than other classes, then I don’t think you should put it at a standard level, either. I think your best bet is to talk to your teacher that teaches the class or your guidance counselor because they would know more specifics regarding the difficulty of the class.

Of the three suggestions you proposed I would put advanced, personally, but you know the class better, so if you aren’t able to get an answer from a guidance counselor before a deadline, then go with your gut. The only thing I would caution against it calling it AP since that’s a registered trademark of CollegeBoard. As far as I know, Honors/accelerated/advanced course requirements are determined by the school or district, so I don’t think it would be wrong or misrepresenting to call it one of those. Especially since it has a greater bearing on your GPA - just like classes with those names have.

Good luck! :)

3 years ago

Hi @helloiamstressed,

I agree with @hannah_banana's answer here.

Best of luck!

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