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Biotech early college or regular public school?

I'm a freshman applying for a biotechnology magnet school, currently enrolled in a regular public school (though its one of the best in my district). I'm very interested in STEM but don't want to limit myself to only science-related futures, especially something as niche as biotechnology. I honestly don't even like biotech that much, I'm much more into astronomy and other space-related sciences. I know I can handle the courses (I've had straight A's all this semester) Is it a good idea to apply?

TL;DR im applying to a magnet school that I'm not 100% interested in, is it still a good idea to apply?

(Btw even if I get accepted I'm not obligated to go)

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I think that you should do it, as long as it isn't too much work. There's no downside to having more options. I myself transitioned from a large public school to a niche magnet school, and I'm so glad I applied. Early college is amazing!

But you don't seem that much interested in biotech, so I don't think you should apply if you need to spend a lot of time and energy applying.


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