2 years ago
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Should I take AP Euro if I plan on going into Biology?

With second semester approaching, I'm wondering if I should continue taking AP Euro. So far it's not looking like I'm probably not going to do well on the exams, and I'm wondering if I should just drop it now so it doesn't affect my grade because right now, I have a 4.0 GPA. I don't think it's going to change anything if I do pass as I don't believe it could fill any credits in the degree I want to get at the college I want to go to. So should I just drop it as it's going to be pointless for me to take it? Or would it be better if I just keep taking this class so that I can get the credits just to have them?

I'm going to be taking a practice dbq, which is the main thing I'm worried about because I did decent on the multiple choice, I'll try and update when I get that score.

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2 years ago

Hey @Carter_, how's it going?! If you are planning on going into biology, no you shouldn't overwhelm yourself with another AP especially if the course or teacher is notoriously rigorous. Instead take another science even if its an elective because a 4.0 GPA is really good and you won't want to diminish it significantly. On the other hand, if your schools AP Euro isn't too much work for you to handle, take it! Ask your teacher how much your AP test score for that class will affect your final grade on your High school transcript. If the test score doesn't affect your grade it might be worth taking especially if you can get above a C+ and here's why. You want to go to college for Biology so schools won't really care if you didn't do so hot on one test. Chances are if you are majoring in Bio, you won't be taking any euro history classes in college unless you want to. How many other AP classes are you taking? To me it sounds like you need to ask around and make a pros and cons list. Listen to your heart though. Remember that no matter what classes you take you are/ seem to be a hard working student and colleges will see that. Start to think more about the big picture and maybe get out into the world and do some biology related volunteer activities in your community because colleges look at that too! Good luck and hopefully I have been of help to you.

2 years ago

Any AP grade of 4 or higher is good. Below 4 not so much.


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