2 years ago
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If my spike isn’t what I want to major will it hurt my application?

I want to major in computer engineering. But I’m planning to make my spike programming. I’m passionate about programming and I can definitely see how I can make a spike with it, but I can’t see myself majoring in it.

I was wondering if this would hurt my application. Would it look like I’m gravitating to a prestigious career instead of actually being interested in the subject (which I am, but I’m just confused on how to make a spike out of it)?

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2 years ago[edited]

Programming is a part of computer engineering. Even if you work on hardware you need to be comfortable with code and have a base understanding of software. "Programming" isn't a major, it's a tool that's very useful in any stem field, especially computer engineering. Maybe try to tie it into engineering but I think it's fine either way.

2 years ago

So almost all spikes have so correlation to your major

My spike is debate and I want to be a civil engineer Id say debate helps me to research problems from a variety of angles and then It helped me to learn how to give a presentation to a client etc

Yours is even more connected so congrats but what colleges look for generally is a dedication to a passion essentially commitment showing you can stick with something for long periods of time showing that you would be someone who doesn't drop out and proving that you can impact the community (more selective schools especially)


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