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How can I apply to a USA college if I live in a Southamerican country (Chile)? What are de requirements?

I am in ninth grade, I will graduate from school in 2023 from a private, Christian School in Chile. I do some extracurricular activities like babysitting, ballet since I was 4 (now I'm 13), piano and a little violin, but I haven't done any of the tests like PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc. I'm not sure what the process of applying to an international college, or the requirements needed. I'm not sure if it affects something but I have double nationality ( Chilean and Italian)

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2 years ago

The application process for international students is pretty similar to the normal one in some regards. You'll still use the same application portals, like the Common App or Coalition App (google those to find their websites), and fill out the same forms and essays. They should also have requirements for things like the high school classes you need to take listed on their websites. Your school might grade on a different scale than US schools do, so you might need to convert your GPA (there are online calculators for that) to see what schools your grades would be able to get you into. As for tests like the SAT or ACT, most US students don't take those until junior year, so you've got plenty of time to get familiar with the requirements for those.

2 years ago

So double natioanlity does not matter except if you have dual citizenship in the US but you might put yourself down as bi-racial but I have no idea if that helps you as I'm white and didn't look that up.

But as to applying to US universities on near almost all schools website under admissions tab is international students and all schools I looked at had that without exception. So that is a great resource especially if you specifically know what schools you want to attend. In a same vein most schools have regional admittence counselor and typically have a international one and you could reach out to them and politely ask about any resource they might have that will help.

Besides maybe 10 schools (which have sub 25% admit rate) universities don't meet international students full need but some schools so choosing a college where you can pay the price of tuition plus any merit aid or international scholarships is pretty important. But some schools I would recommend taking a look at (think about what major and community you want) are

U Memphis

U Houston


UT Arlington


South Florida

I hope this helps! If you have additional question just comment them.


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