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Will not taking aps sophomore year affect my chances for t20 colleges?

Hi, I am currently a sophomore and I've been taking all honors classes since freshman year. This year I am taking all honors classes, but looking back, I regretted my decision of not taking the ap class my school offered me during sophomore year. My school only offers one ap class this year and I didn't take it but the honors version. Will that affect my admission to t20 colleges and can a rigorous course load in my junior and senior year make up for it? So far I've been doing really good in my classes with a 4.0 UW gpa.

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I can't tell if this is a troll or not. So you're taking like 6 honors classes in freshman AND sophomore year, and you have a 4.0 GPA, and you're worried about getting into t20? You do realize that honors aren't too far from AP classes, maybe AP is like 30% better, but 12 honors already is already insane. The average competitive number of APs for t10-t20 is like 8-10, so stop worrying about not having APs in sophomore year, your 12 honors are already insane. I just cant...

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You are on track for getting into a T20 school. Next year just load up on APs like 4-5 and then take 4-5 senior year. By the time you graduate you will have 8-10 which is good number. If you feel you need more course rigor you can always take a summer class like an online college course or 2. That's always a good idea.

Since academics are your strong suit, try to have some excellent ECs you curate. A good spike activity and perhaps a passion project as well. It's incredibly important that you show you can write well, so make sure you take both AP English Lang and Lit during 11/12th grade and other classes where you can master expository writing.

Good luck.


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